Extreme Makeover: Mad Edition

The level of care I have for my hair is tragically low. It grows, you cut it, it grows, you cut it. I never got why people would get so worked up about a haircut. To put my money where my mouth was, I decided that if I ever came across someone who could cut hair, I would let them do whatever they wanted to my hair so long as I didn't have to pay.

I didn't have to wait long because turns out my cousin's partner, Taeja, is a hairdresser, and a really good one at that. She agreed to the deal and off we went.

It took six hours and my scalp was exposed to processes they had never been exposed to before.

There were also a few steps in the process where I looked like Jeremy Irons in Die Hard with a Vengeance. And then Guy Fieri. And then that asian villain in Rush Hour with the bleached shaved head. All the people that are commonly hanging on the walls of hair salons.

Here is a photo journey because I am tired and don't want to write anymore. Also, I was sunburnt so am red in all the photos which is exactly what I wanted.